As a small business owner, you’ve got big things to consider. But what’s most important? Health plans. Tag along with small business expert Steve Strauss for lively conversations with business owners like yourself – and learn how being smart about health plans can help you keep costs low, employees happy – and five you the edge on competition.


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“More Savings, Less Time: How New Health Policy Rules Can Benefit Your Business”

Learn what the ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account) is and how it could impact your benefits planning. Hosted by, Dave Houston, VP & Senior Soultions Executive, Optum Bank, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group and one of the largest health accounts providers in the country.



Tired, Wired, Stressed? Three Health & Well-Being Strategies for the Hospitality Industry

Employers have long been aware of the disabling impact of stress in the workplace, and research continues to provide us with key insights that help us make the case for investing in solutions. Studies show that wellness initiatives can result in lasting behavior change and risk reduction. Please join us for this informative Webinar, hosted by Susan Perkins from Unitedhealthcare, to:

  • Understand health insights and opportunities in the Hospitality Industry
  • Realize the impact of consumer decisions on healthcare and business
  • Learn three health and well-being strategies, along with real world examples, to address these opportunities and the potential benefits
  • Review available resources