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Introducing the Health Savings Account (HSA) from Optum – offered at a members-only discount.

Help your employees save on qualified medical expenses now and in the future with the Optum Bank HSA solution. It is available with a 20% discount on the Monthly Maintenance Fee for eligible members of the National Restaurant Association that offer a qualifying high-deductible health plan (HDHP) to their employees – regardless of insurance carrier.

Administered through Optum Bank®, Member FDIC, the Optum Bank HSA provides employees (account holders) with a tax-advantaged way to pay for current qualified medical expenses and accumulate funds for future qualified medical needs. Flexible funding allows anyone to make tax-free contributions to the account (up to the IRS limits); and HSA funds deposited in an account earn interest tax-free. Lastly, the Optum Bank HSA is portable and remains with the account holder if going to another employer or retiring.

Optum Bank HSA services also integrate with your health plan to make it easier for you to help your employees lead a healthy life and manage their finances. Some features include:

  • Robust and engaging education and planning tools to help people plan, save and pay for health care.
  • Online account management to check balances and file claims.
  • Payment cards and mobile access to support people with busy lives.
  • Responsive and friendly phone support from individuals who have years of experience with health accounts.

Optum Bank is dedicated solely to health care banking. It has nearly 3.5 million HSA accounts and $9.4 billion in HSA assets under management, supporting over 34,000 businesses.*

For more information on the discounted Optum Bank HSA solution for members, simply complete and submit the form below and an Optum representative will contact you soon.

*Optum Bank Book of Business, 12/31/17.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are individual accounts offered by Optum Bank®, Member FDIC, and are subject to eligibility and restrictions, including but not limited to restrictions on distributions for qualified medical expenses set forth in section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. State taxes may apply. Fees may reduce earnings on account. This communication is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please contact a competent legal or tax professional for personal advice on eligibility, tax treatment and restrictions. Federal and state laws and regulations are subject to change.

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