Telemedicine FAQ

All employees are eligible regardless of the number hours worked: full-time, part-time, furloughed.

Two or more enrolled employees, regardless of group size.

$9.00 per employee per month. The rate includes spouses and children at no additional cost.

The employer can pay the entire per employee per month fee or can share the cost with the employee.

Business check and ACH are the forms of payment accepted by HealthiestYou by Teladoc. Because this is a group product, we will bill the employer every month for all enrolled employees and expect to receive a single monthly payment. Many employers will payroll deduct the HealthiestYou per employee per month cost.

  • Step 1. Fill out the online New Group Form.
  • Step 2. Sign the service agreement sent via DocuSign.
  • Step 3. Send us the employee eligibility data via the following methods:
    • Manual entry through our client portal (recommended for groups under 25 lives)
    • One-time census file
    • EDI file feed (groups 100+)

The service agreement is for 12 months and can be terminated with written notice upon your group’s anniversary.

The ability to connect to a doctor, dermatologist, or behavioral health provider from wherever you are via phone or video. The provider is able to prescribe medication as appropriate.

HealthiestYou by Teladoc is a mobile virtual care app providing convenient access to high-quality everyday healthcare services via phone or video. The HealthiestYou Complete Bundle includes:

  • General Medical – Unlimited consultations with a doctor via phone or video 24/7/365.
  • Expert Medical Services - Receive a second opinion on an existing diagnosis and treatment for any condition. Our experts are here to address any medical uncertainty you may have.
  • Mental Health – Unlimited scheduled visits via phone or video with a mental health provider of your choice.
  • Back Care – Relieve your back and neck pain with a personalized 4 to 8 week video-based stretching and exercise routine designed by a certified health coach from Telespine.
  • Dermatology – Upload photos of your skin condition to the app and get a treatment plan from a dermatologist within two business days.

For employers looking to reopen and remain open with a healthy team, the HealthiestYou Complete Bundle is an affordable and robust benefit that provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare services and tools to help employees take control of their health.

The HealthiestYou Complete Bundle provides access to a full line of high-quality virtual care services from a single app. The intuitive, easy-to-use platform also provides exclusive smart tools to help members compare procedure prices, find providers near their current locations, and remember to use the HealthiestYou app in their moments of need.

From a General Medical visit at 2 a.m., ongoing visits with a mental health provider, a dermatology consultation without a three-week wait, HealthiestYou is the complete solution to driving better healthcare decisions.

No, HealthiestYou is not an insurance product and it does not meet the minimum requirements for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. HealthiestYou provides high-quality healthcare services that can be offered to any employee, health insurance is not required.

Yes, spouses and kids have access to the HealthiestYou services. Please note that Behavioral Health Care and Back Care are only available to members 18 years old and over.

Detailed utilization reports are generated monthly for General Medical, Dermatology, and Behavioral Health Care.

All HealthiestYou groups receive a dedicated Client Success Manager who provides everyday support and will help develop a personalized marketing campaign to gain enrollment, engagement and utilization of the services.